Mobile App Development

Today there are so many ways to implement mobile applications. The most popular options include native development, hybrid-web development and hybrid-native development. LifeQuest has experience in developing mobile applications in all three options, and therefore we can offer you the solution that best fits your app.

Native applications generally offer the fastest runtime experience and the best access to device functionality and the latest and greatest phone features. However, they are also the most expensive apps to create and require the longest development time. In addition, native apps require multiple code bases in order to support iOS and Android, and code cannot be shared between those code bases.

Hybrid-Web offers one of the cheapest and fastest development options and allows developers to create mobile applications in web technologies such as HTML/CSS. In addition, due to technologies such as Cordova and Capacitor, Hybrid-web mobile applications can access just about any native device functionality. There are a number of solid Hybrid-web technologies such as the Ionic Framework that provide a set of rich UI components that will allow your mobile applications to look and feel just like a native application. In most cases, users are unable to tell that they aren't actual native apps.

Hybrid-Native offers another way to build mobile applications for both iOS and Android with a single code base. This will help reduce the cost and time required to build your applications. They offer more graphical capabilities and flexibility than Hybrid-web apps and are usually a great choice for developing mobile apps that are not a great fit for Hybrid-web, but that still desire a single code base. Unity is a great option for developing Hybrid-native mobile applications.

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