LifeQuest Studios partnered with MatchSet Tennis as the store was in its initial stages of being created. The owner, Matt Taylor, reached out to us with the need to brand the Company name and storefront design. Our design team created a logo as well as the company brand while our developers built a website to integrate with their Point Of Sale system at the time. (Matchset has since changed their POS and is currently using a compatible website not created by LifeQuest) LifeQuest will be developing a new POS for Matchset to use internally and has an expected release late in 2022. A mobile app is also in the works for 2022 that will allow users to purchase products from MatchSet directly from the app and provide a way for users to schedule court time and clinics as well as allow players to join leagues and tournaments.
- Store Branding
- Store Logo
- Product photography
- Image processing
- Website creation
- App (coming in 2022)





Release Date:

Grand Opening - Setp. 17th, 2021
Matchset Website