When the pandemic restricted March of Dimes from raising money through their in-person walks, they reached out to LifeQuest seeking a mobile application offering their patrons a virtual way to support their programs. Through online challenges and virtual walks users can support their favorite charity from anywhere. By creating challenges and inviting their family and friends to participate and donate, Charity Cloud allows March of Dimes to continue to make a positive impact on babies and families. Users can educate themselves regarding events, programs, technology and research, ways to participate and advocate and the charity’s mission and goals. Once registered and joining a campaign, users are able to create teams, set goals, share their events and challenges, and encourage participation through a variety of social media platforms.


March of Dimes


Unity 3d, iOS/Android Mobile Development, Angular, Firebase, ASP.NET Web Core API, SQL Server, Microsoft Azure

Release Date:

April 14, 2021

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