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We are committed to providing our customers with exceptional service and products that exceed expectations while
offering our employees a team environment where they can be challenged, encouraged, and celebrated.

The success of our business has been and will continue to be largely a result of our ability to deliver dependable, high quality software development services, custom tailored to each customer’s needs. More specifically the key factors that can be identified as being particularly important in our firm’s ability to succeed are; Quality design and Development, Expertise in full Development cycles, Repeatable patterns and Practices, and Transparency and Honesty in how we do business.

I have been building software professionally for over twenty years and have served at nearly every position in the software development life cycle. I have served as President/CEO, VP of Product Development, CTO, Software Architect, Developer and Scrum Master/Product Manager. My visibility at such a wide range of positions makes me uniquely qualified to build successful software applications from start to finish. I have a strong passion for correctly architected software, efficient development processes, documentation, reducing technical debt, organization, and productivity. I believe in living our lives with integrity. I view LifeQuest Studios as an extension of myself, and therefore it will operate with the same level of integrity that I hold myself to as an individual.

Our Mission is to create software, based in gaming theory, to improve the quality and experiences of life. We are committed to becoming a leader in the development industry, striving to be known for top-notch design and development excellence. LifeQuest Studios is always striving for honesty, excellence, and a high level of integrity in every project and with every client.

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.

Our team is made up of some of the best in the business
who are committed to giving 100% for every project  

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expert people

Working together as a team, lending our skills, knowledge, and experience to create unique products that exceed the expectations of our clients

Robert Lair
Debi Lair
Director of Creative Content
Sarah Creech
Project Manager
Brennan Moore
Lead Designer
Isabeau Jackson
Graphic Designer
Wesley Williams
Design Intern
Max Lair
Graphic Designer
Kevin Boswell
Senior Software Developer
Matt Opsitnick
Software Developer

Robert Lair~ CEO/CTO

Bob calls himself a software artisan, because he believes building good software is an art. He has been building software professionally for 20+ years and has served at just about every position in the SDLC. Everywhere from President/CEO, VP or Product Development, CTO, Software Architect, Developer and Scrum Master/Product Manager. His visibility at such a wide range of positions makes him uniquely qualified to help other companies transform their needs into a successful software solution. Bob is passionate about correctly architected software, efficient development processes, documentation, reducing technical debt, organization, and productivity.

Debi Lair~Creative Content Director 

Debi has degrees in both Elementary Education as well as Art Education and spent many years guiding and teaching young people in classroom settings before adapting her training and experience to become a Children and Family Ministry Director. For eight years she created curriculum, games, and crafts for all ages of children and all types of families.  Creativity exudes into every aspect of her life, and is most evident in her Cake Artistry at The Sweet Lair where she not only bakes scrumptous cakes, but decorates them as works of art.   

Sarah Creech ~ Project Manager

Sarah is a Certified Aircraft Dispatcher and has been managing projects that look like airplanes and pilots for the last 19 years of her career. She's jumped into the software arena as Project Manager for LifeQuest, to help oversee timelines and productivity across all projects. Sarah has a passion for books and music and a special love of organization. She endeavors to help make every project at LifeQuest successful. 

Brennan Moore ~ Graphic Designer

Perseverance is a character trait that Brennan continually seeks to hold himself accountable to. It’s something that he's found to be a requirement in both his design career and life itself. He is passionate about many forms of design including illustration, branding, web design, photography, and animation. Before finding his passion for graphic design he took fine art classes all throughout his 12 years of school and spent time drawing while growing up. In 2020 he graduated as a Valedictorian from The Modern College of Design where he had invested even more time developing his abilities and fostering passion. Now he gets to put that passion into practice at LifeQuest.

Isabeau Jackson ~ Graphic Designer

Isabeau (pronounced ee-sah-bo) believes that empathy is one of the most important keys to design. It allows designers to connect to the people they are trying to reach and understand their needs to address them. While still in high school, she attended a career center for digital design classes and worked as a print designer for a local newspaper. She believed that she would never touch web design, but after attending classes at The Modern College of Design she found a passion for UI/UX and web design that revolved around the idea of creating designs to make the world more accessible for people who need it. She graduated from college as a class valedictorian in 2020 and since then has been putting her love of UI/UX to use at LifeQuest Studios. Isabeau loves art, writing/playing music, nerd stuff, and cooking decent food every now and again. 

Wesley Williams ~ Graphic Intern

Wesley Williams is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator for LifeQuest Studios. He is currently attending Cedarville University as a graphic design major with a minor in animation. He has past experience in various fields of design and media, some of which include printmaking, digital manipulation, and photography. Raised in Southwest Ohio, Wesley grew up looking to view the world through a new kind of lens which led to his passion for photography, photoshop, hiking, and video games. His all time favorite game is Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, followed closely by Destiny 2.

Max Lair ~ Graphic Designer

Max is a graphic design intern at LifeQuest and helps lend a creative eye when one is needed. He works on a multitude of projects involving illustration and digital art. As a facet for his creativity, Max enjoys story-driven video games and spending time in nature.

Matt Opsitnick ~ unity developer

Matt is a recent Computer Engineering graduate from Miami University of Ohio. He spent the last few years of his attendance doing Unity development part-time. He has a passion for making and playing games. In college, he took part in several game jams and also played League of Legends competitively through the school's E-Sports club. 

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