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Services Offered by LifeQuest Studios

  • Mobile Application Development

    Mobile Application Development

    Perhaps the most demanded and popular development services today is mobile application development. With mobile user-base growing at a rate out pacing all other software mediums, more and more companies are turning to mobile applications for their products and services. LifeQuest specializes in the Ionic Framework for building mobile applications, which allows one single code

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  • Web Application Development

    Web Application Development

    Web applications are applications that run in a web browser over the internet. Web applications are created in a browser-supported programming language such as JavaScript, HTML and CSS. LifeQuest specializes in building web applications using ASP.NET MVC for back-end API and database services, and AngularJS, HTML and CSS for the web app front-end that is

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  • Gamification

    Gamification is the process of using game theory and design in non-game situations to motivate people to perform some action.  it is predicted that gamification is going to become more and more vital and potentially just as important to companies as social media.  LifeQuest can help you utilize gamfication for your company.

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Technologies at LifeQuest

  • Angular

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